Prayer Ministry

We are a church who will actively pray for you.  Facets of our ministry include:

  • Prayer Net – When a request for prayer is received by the church office, an e-mail will be sent out to our Prayer Net, a group of people committed to pray for the imminent need.
  • Prayer Cards – Each Sunday morning, people in attendance are encouraged to fill out and submit a prayer card with any needs in their lives for which they would like our Prayer Team to pray.
  • Prayer at the Altar on Sunday Mornings – The altar is open during the invitation time following the message for people to come to the altar to pray alone, or members of our Prayer Team are there available to pray with anyone who would like someone to pray with them.
  • Prayer Time on Sunday Evenings – At the end of our Bible study, we spend time in prayer for the needs submitted during the week.
  • Prayer in the Sanctuary – Throughout the year, three or four days during a certain week will be set aside for evening prayer in the sanctuary.  The sanctuary is typically open from 5 – 7 PM during those days, so that people can stop by after work and spend time alone praying in the quiet of the sanctuary.  Members of our Prayer Team are in the foyer of the sanctuary to welcome those who come.
  • Prayer Walks – Time is set aside for “prayer walking,” an outward prayer focus at specific places beyond our church walls.  Every August, we go to several schools in our community to pray for the children, teachers, administrators, and parents during the upcoming school year.  This year, the Prayer Walk for Schools is August 16 at 6:30 PM.
  • A Ladies’ Prayer Room – Women joining together at various times during the year to pray for children, grandchildren, families, and friends…for salvation, healings, provision, and restored relationships.